CMER launches new site

October 2015

The CMER research team specialise in the impacts of mining on the environment. Photo: CMER.

The Centre for Minerals Environmental Research (CMER) recently launched a website to provide research information and data to minerals sector stakeholders and the New Zealand public interested in the impacts of mining on the environment. The site boasts over 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications by members of the consortium, over 60 conference publications, and around a dozen student theses.

A series of MBIE and industry-supported projects; the latest called ‘The New Zealand Mine Environment Life Cycle Guide’ brought the CMER research team together. The team is led by CRL Energy and made up of researchers from CRL Energy Ltd, Landcare Research, Canterbury University, and Otago University.

A CMER programme successfully took out the top award at the 2014 Minerals West Coast Environment Awards. Research carried out in the programme includes answering what can be predicted about acid mine drainage (AMD) and how this can be used to improve mine planning; what the environmental impacts of mine drainages are on ecology; and what management treatment and rehabilitation options are available, and how the best options are selected.

See the CMER site at