Introducing IRANZ's new Chair: Dr John Bright

October 2015

Dr John Bright, IRANZ Chair. Photo: Aqualinc.

IRANZ’s new Chair is Dr John Bright. John is the Director, Research and Development, of Aqualinc Research Ltd in Christchurch. He established Aqualinc, a privately-owned water management, science and engineering consulting company – and now the largest provider of irrigation management services in New Zealand, in 2004 and served as its Managing Director until May 2015.

Prior to establishing Aqualinc, John worked for Ministry of Works, New Zealand Agricultural Engineering Institute and Lincoln Ventures Ltd. He is heavily involved in the ongoing reform of water resource management policy in New Zealand, particularly through his work with Regional Councils on how to establish water allocation and nutrient discharges limits, and how to manage water resources within those limits.

John sees the IRO sector, including industry-linked and regional institutes, as being able to deliver successful and high-impact science. “IROs have ability to punch above their weight and work with industry and other partners to deliver highly beneficial impacts from targeted and excellent ‘discovery’ research as well as from applied close-to-market research. They will be key to helping the Government achieve its growth and business goals set out in its National Statement of Science Investment [NSSI],” says John.