Verified blind bolt meets industry need

These blind bolts can be fitted blind into a hole as they don’t need another nut put into place, they have also been verified as industry-compliant. Photo: HERA.

The media has been rife with stories of non-compliant steel, where it has either performed poorly or been utilised despite its inability to meet New Zealandstandards.

Not surprisingly, this has become a key concern for many local structural engineers who are sourcing structural components from overseas. There is not only the safety issue in regards to the component’s performance, but also the negative association for a business if it’s found to be anything but right. To help make sure it’s right, HERA, as a member-owned research association, is stepping up to offer independent verification of critical steel components, whether it’s a giant structural beam or a tiny bolt.

This type of independent verification has become critical in New Zealand’s booming construction sector where, unfortunately, some steel-based products have proved less than best.    

HERA Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz says that providing product conformance verification services through HERA Verified will ensure that critical products and services meet New Zealand regulations and international best practice, and the heavy engineering research association urges all its members to take advantage of the service.

“Having recently put novel high-strength-steel Grade 10.9 blind bolts through our verification process, it’s a great way to demonstrate what research associations do in addition to their standard research tasks,” says Dr Scholz.

Blind bolts can be fitted blind into a hole as they don’t need another nut put into place.

To read more about how blind bolts and other steel products are verified in respect to their performances please see: The bolt down on the need for third party verification.

For further information on HERA Verified, please contact HERA’s Senior Structural Engineer, Dr Jing Cao on or on +64 9 262 4757.

Date posted: 15 July 2017

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