Motu: Measuring human rights around the world

To improve human rights conditions, we first need to be able to measure them. Until now, the world hasn’t had a simple, transparent way to monitor how countries treat their people. This was a problem. When something is not measured, it is easily overlooked and undervalued.

The Human Rights Measurement Initiative (HRMI), hosted by Motu Economic and Public Policy, is filling this gap. They are working to produce a free easy-to-access database of metrics, summarising human rights performance in countries around the world. With a good set of measures, it will be easier to improve human rights.

In October, the initiative held their third international co-design workshop, this time co-hosting with Amnesty International, in Johannesburg. The workshop had 45 participants from more than 25 different countries, with a focus on making HRMI even better and co-designing ways for HRMI data to be used by human rights defenders and media for real impact in improving people’s lives.

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Date posted: 28 November 2018

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