Exciting changes at Opus

In December 2017, Opus International Consultants was acquired by a leading global infrastructure consultancy firm WSP and has recently been rebranded as WSP Opus, with the research division becoming WSP Opus Research.

In their latest InTouch newsletter, Wendy Turvey National Manager WSP Opus Research said the move has greatly broadened the research division’s capacity to become involved with exciting and innovative projects. “As part of an organisation of 43,000 minds operating across 40 countries, we are now better placed than ever to benefit our clients through increased ease of access to international best-practice skills, technologies and innovations across the spectrum of professional infrastructure expertise.

“Our focus has been to build strong relationships with the various specialist divisions within WSP – in particular their Digital team (WSP’s Software Engineering Division), who are an Amazon AWS and Telstra applications development partner. Headquartered in Melbourne this team of 40 software engineers design, develop and manage web, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and systems integration for major corporations and governments in Australia, New Zealand and globally.

“Our New Zealand research and instrumentation teams are working with WSP Digital to deliver remote infrastructure monitoring solutions for various clients. They are also supporting our behavioural and social sciences teams’ development of human-centred infrastructure, with the use of bespoke software solutions, based on open-standards and open-source software code and platforms.”

WSP Opus Research InTouch Newsletter highlights a number of current research programmes including:

  • Resolving motorist – cyclist conflict at driveways with innovative design approaches.
  • Rubberised cycleways - with a trial in Upper Hutt of rubberised asphalt.
  • Lowered speed limits deliver unexpected benefits - they not only reduce the risk of injury and death, but will also save significant construction cost and vehicle operating costs.
  • Understanding why people do what they do - helping ensure our infrastructure, design solutions and policy direction are people-centred and future ready.

Date posted: 13 August 2018

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