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Te Tira Whakamātaki, home of the Māori biosecurity network, will be holding a three-day wānanga to celebrate Māori biosecurity practices and connect biosecurity practitioners, in New Plymouth, from 28 – 30 July 2022.

Named ‘Te Wānanga Whakamātaki’, this symposium will provide a unique opportunity for communities, industry, and agencies to come together in a kaupapa Māori environment to consider how Māori and their mātauranga can contribute to the restoration of our natural world.

Supported by Biosecurity New Zealand, the programme encourages participants to delve deeply into te ao Māori - to understand the depth of indigenous knowledge available to conservation practitioners, and to discover how a blended approach to biosecurity practices in Aotearoa New Zealand can benefit all.

The programme's first two days consist of plenary speakers, panel discussions, and workshops/wānanga, delivered through a Māori lens. The third day is an optional field trip, hosted by Taranaki Mounga Project. Registrations will be available for both in-person and on-line attendance.

Melanie Mark-Shadbolt, CEO and co-founder of Te Tira Whakamātaki, says “This event, we believe, is the first of its kind, organised and facilitated by Māori. It will provide a safe, comfortable platform for both Māori and non-Māori to share their stories on how indigenous peoples and their knowledge, coupled with science and existing systems, can protect what we value.”

Ms Mark-Shadbolt added that an event such as this is much overdue. “Having this event supported by Biosecurity New Zealand shows that a platform such as this has been needed for some time. To understand how important mātauranga is to us, you have to feel it, and we are excited that we have some of the best storytellers and Māori conservation practitioners available to share their stories.”

As the principal supporter of this inaugural symposium, Biosecurity New Zealand sees Te Wānanga Whakamātaki as an extension of its long-term commitment to ensuring New Zealand’s biosecurity system is Treaty-grounded.

Deputy Director-General of Biosecurity New Zealand, Stuart Anderson, says “Biosecurity New Zealand recognises the key role mātauranga Māori can play in the biosecurity system and we need to look at ways to elevate it.”

He further added, “Understanding biosecurity from a Te Ao Māori perspective only further strengthens and deepens our biosecurity system that protects the things we value.”

Registrations for this event open Wednesday 29 June 2022.

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Te Tira Whakamātaki acknowledges Te Ātiawa iwi for welcoming this event to their rohe, and thanks the Taranaki Mounga Project for its support.

Further Information

Event details:
Te Wānanga Whakamātaki
Thursday 28 – Saturday 30 July, 2022
Plymouth International, New Plymouth

Caroline Whittaker
Pou Whakahaere ā-whakapā me Hononga
Communications and Engagement Manager
027 222 0943

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Date posted: 30 June 2022

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