IRANZ welcomes new minister

The new Minister for Research, Science and Innovation, the Hon Dr Megan Woods (centre, middle row), meeting with the IRANZ team.

IRANZ welcomes the Hon Dr Megan Woods as the new Minister for Research, Science and Innovation. In August, Dr Woods met with IRANZ members at a meeting held at Lincoln Agritech Ltd, where she foreshadowed R&D Tax Credits. A plan which she saw as likely to engender cultural shifts towards R&D in businesses and that would get a good uptake with SMEs. She reiterated the importance of Independent Research Organisations (IROs), saying that collaboration between industry and research organisations is important in any shift towards R&D by business.

The IRANZ Briefing to the Incoming Minister highlights that IROs are a key part of a thriving independent research sector that is a major pillar of the New Zealand science system, and a key to New Zealand achieving the goal of increasing business expenditure on research and development (BERD). IRANZ members and our associates employ over 500 staff and have combined sales of $80 million, including $30 million of research investment from Government and $30 million of stakeholder investment. We play an important role in collaborative research programmes with universities and CRIs, where we provide important industry and sector linkages to the programme.

In a tour of Lincoln Agritech, Dr Woods was shown the contributions Lincoln Agritech is making to the future of the New Zealand wool sector as lead provider on the New Uses for Wool programme funded by Wool Industry Research Limited. The programme aims to generate transformational opportunities for the wool industry by developing new high-value and high-volume applications for coarse wool.

Download the IRANZ 2017 Briefing to the Incoming Minister.

Date posted: 3 December 2017

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